Online Retail Platforms Offer Swift Justice in Trademark Infringement Cases

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Let’s say you develop a product (the coolest backpack ever), register your trademark (“Larkspur Designs”), and hit the market. Two months later, you discover that some other company (seller name: whodunit) is selling “Larkspur Designs” backpacks on Amazon—they are using your product photos, but you do not know whether they are reselling your product (presumably […]


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PASSWORD MISERY! Donald B. Johnston, Aird & Berlis LLP We all hate passwords. Anyone who says s/he doesn’t is fibbing. I had an experience last year, while at the International Bar Association conference in Washington, that renewed my hatred for passwords. The word “hatred” is inadequate to express how I actually feel about passwords – […]


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Donald B. Johnston, Partner, Aird & Berlis LLP Gesundheit! Generally speaking, when Delaware sneezes, everybody else gets a cold. That’s because Delaware is the undisputed jurisdictional leader in corporate finance in the U.S., with well over a million companies incorporated in that state. Delaware sneezed big time on August 1, when the new Delaware Blockchain […]

Welcome to All Things IP!

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This blog is a place to discuss any and all things related to intellectual property. Change is inevitable and the intellectual property that drives change is powerful.  Every day we see and experience something new that intellectual property created which was implemented and or litigated upon. This is a online community where we can share […]

Technical Verification

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With source code escrow (SCE), a developer gives assurance to its licensee that business-critical software will be maintained by the developer or, if necessary by the licensee, using the source code and related materials the developer deposits (the Deposit Materials) with InnovaSafe. (We make the Deposit available upon a developer’s written instructions.) Because it is […]

“SaaS: should software and/or database escrow be a mandatory requirement when using a Software as a Service application?”

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SaaS applications are becoming more and more common. With a SaaS solution, the software supplier hosts the software and stores client’s data on its web servers or leased servers. The requirement for a technology escrow agreement is important because the source code, object code and access to the client data are controlled by the software […]