What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management solutions designed to meet almost any business need and help your people make important business decisions confidently. Microsoft Dynamics works like and with familiar Microsoft software. These solutions automate and streamline business processes in a way that helps you drive business success.

To learn more, go to: www.microsoft.com/dynamics

What are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Solutions?

Microsoft set the bar high by developing the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) accreditation for business solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics software by partners, called ISVs or Independent Software Vendors who have developed proven, tested, and recommended business solutions, setting themselves apart from thousands of other solutions that have not met the rigorous requirements Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program. Solutions that are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics are:

  • Designed to meet your unique business and industry needs
  • Tested for integration with the Microsoft Dynamics products
  • Used and recommended by other companies
  • Professionally implemented and systematically supported by reputable Microsoft partners.

Source code escrow is mandatory for CfMD solutions, right?

Yes. As of November 1, 2010, ISVs providing CfMD solutions must place their source code into escrow with a trusted neutral third party source code escrow firm. In addition, the ISV must:

  • Set up an escrow agreement for multiple licensees or users to become beneficiaries to the escrow;
  • Identify the escrow agent on the user.s Validation Checklist and send proof of your signed escrow contract to msdynamics@veritest.com for validation. However you do not have to send a copy of your contract if you choose to use with InnovaSafe;
  • Keep the source code agreement up to date and in force as long as the ISV markets its solution with the CfMD logo;
  • Beneficiaries can be added later to the contract at the discretion of the customers and the ISV partner. It is not a requirement for the CfMD program.

The escrow agreement is between the ISV, its customers and InnovaSafe. Microsoft is not a party to the agreement.

As CfMD is Microsoft's highest level partner solution accreditation, Microsoft wants to provide further assurance to customers that they make a good choice when deciding to deploy a CfMD solution. This also enhances the value proposition of partners with CfMD solutions. All partners who complete CfMD after November 1, 2010, need to meet the escrow requirements. Certifications completed prior to October 30, 2010 are not impacted by the escrow requirement.

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