Corporate Profile

Privately funded, owned, and operated from its inception in June 2001, InnovaSafe is the most innovative and dynamic risk management organization in the industry today. We provide services and solutions to thousands of clients around the globe on every continent. As an independent and self-sufficient company, InnovaSafe is free from the constraints of catering to the interests of investors, partners or a corporate parent.

Our comprehensive industry understanding, a result of experience, allows us to offer original, cost-effective and highly regarded solutions as well as unmatched benefits and services tailored on an individual basis to meet each client's requirements. Simply stated, InnovaSafe offers creative solutions not available from any other source. Intricate requirements and delicate negotiations are our forte. We pride ourselves in getting deals done.

InnovaSafe has the ability and courage to forge into un-chartered waters and provide new cutting edge services for our clients.

You can always count on InnovaSafe to:

  • Develop new and creative ways to meet your specific requirements
  • Provide discreet service
  • Provide solutions for complex and detailed situations
  • Work with all parties to achieve stated goals in the most efficient manner
  • Provide the highest level of client service available

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