The "cloud" is a new and wonderful thing

SaaS applications can be just what the doctor ordered. Access to the application and data can be accessed from any work station anywhere in the world. That's a good thing. But, access to the application and data can be lost without notice and in a flash and you'll find yourself "dead in the water".

What happens if the lights really go out? Do you have a risk mitigation plan in place?

InnovaSafe's SAFE SaaS services provide you with the necessary solutions to prepare for the planned or unplanned outage or immediate interruption in the event of a SaaS provider failure.

Escrow of modern of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications is requires careful consideration of both code and data along with configuration metadata. InnovaSafe has the experience to implement and manage a backup and sync strategy for your SaaS application.

SaaS Escrow Solutions


The foundation of our various solutions is the implementation of an agreement between the SaaS provider, the SaaS subscriber and InnovaSafe. The scope of protection will determine the coverage that is implemented.

Our Storage, Migration and Replication options will be an integral part of your disaster recovery plan and allow you to sleep at night knowing that when the lights do go out you'll be prepared.


  • Prior preparation prevents poor performance during a true disaster
  • Put a plan in place that mitigates the risk associated with disaster
  • InnovaSafe, as trusted neutral party, is the sentry that you want on watch when the unexpected occurs