Protection for the software owner and the software user

  • Software owners: would you like to know how to close more deals? Software owners that have a software source code escrow agreement in place are saying to their customers “We stand behind our solution” and if should anything ever happen to us our customers will have access to the intellectual property which will allow them the much needed time to migrate to a new solution.
  • Software users: would you like to know how to protect your investment if something should happen to the software owner? Software users of mission critical software that have a software source code escrow agreement in place where the deposit materials have been verified can rest easy and sleep well at night knowing that should something ever happen to the software owner they step in the shoes of their vendor, even for a brief period of time, and prepare for data migration to another solution.




See what our clients have to say:

"I always recommend to my clients - software vendors and end-users - that a professional, independent technology escrow agent be used when there is a need to plan for possible access to a vendor's source code by an end-user. InnovaSafe offers the services necessary to address this critical issue in a fair and cost-effective manner for both sides."

- Eric S. F. IP Lawyer

"InnovaSafe was chosen as our Source Code Escrow Company, due to the prompt attention to information and questions that was provided to us and our customers, as well due to the efficiency with which they've responded to our deposits. They've made the entire process easily manageable!!"

- Mike G., CFO