for the software owner and the software user
Software Owners

Software OwnersClose more deals.

Software owners that have a software source code escrow agreement in place are saying to their customers “We stand behind our solution” and if should anything ever happen to us our customers will have access to the intellectual property which will allow them the much needed time to migrate to a new solution.

Software Users

Software UsersProtect your investment.

What if something should happen to the software owner? Software users of mission critical software that have a software source code escrow agreement in place where the deposit materials have been verified can rest easy and sleep well at night knowing that should something ever happen to the software owner they step in the shoes of their vendor, even for a brief period of time, and prepare for data migration to another solution.


Veteran Owned and Operated

InnovaSafe is a veteran owned and operated business, proudly serving our customers with integrity since 2001.


Reliable and Flexible

We will be there when you need us. You want a company that has the experience and has your back.


Cost Effective Solutions

There is no need to pay more for the software source code escrow solutions that we provide. Our fees are the most reasonable in the industry. We guarantee it.


Audited Controls in Place

InnovaSafe undergoes regular and thorough examination by a third party firm of our internal control policies and practices. Learn More

Customer Testimonails

We’ve been using Innovasafe for all our [technology] escrow needs since 2001. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!

Kevin K. General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Customer Testimonails

CVISION has worked with InnovaSafe for over 10 years. During that time, we always had piece of mind knowing that our code was safe and secure and we were able to pass that piece of mind on to our clients. For a small and growing company, that added sense of security was pivotal to our clients. Making deposits, updating beneficiary information and other changes to the account was simple and John and his team were always a pleasure to deal with.

Alison W. Vice President
Customer Testimonails

As a software development firm we have many business partner relationships, therefore I didn't expect that one of my favorites would be our software escrow company. InnovaSafe has been the most flexible and easy to work with organization that I've had to deal with. I have great respect for people and companies that make my life easier and InnovaSafe has my respect.

Terrance V. COO
Customer Testimonails

I always recommend to my clients - software vendors and end-users - that a professional, independent technology escrow agent be used when there is a need to plan for possible access to a vendor's source code by an end-user. InnovaSafe offers the services necessary to address this critical issue in a fair and cost-effective manner for both sides.

Eric S. F. IP Lawyer
Customer Testimonails

We switched to InnovaSafe because we were not receiving the level of service we needed from our then-current technology escrow provider. InnovaSafe is extremely responsive to our needs and provides us with the benefits and service level we deserve and require from our technology escrow provider. Thanks, InnovaSafe!

Gary F. Contracts Manager
Customer Testimonails

InnovaSafe was chosen as our Source Code Escrow Company, due to the prompt attention to information and questions that was provided to us and our customers, as well due to the efficiency with which they've responded to our deposits. They've made the entire process easily manageable!!

Mike G. CFO