"We chose InnovaSafe due to your excellent customer service and prompt response in helping us meet our obligations to our lender. Thanks InnovaSafe, Great job" - Terry S. CEO

"We switched to InnovaSafe because of problems getting questions answered and obtaining service from our previous escrow company. From the beginning InnovaSafe has provided superb customer service. Escrow deposits, using SafeFTP, are handled efficiently. With SafeAcess, it is easy to check on deposit status." - William B., Dir. of Product Dev.

"I always recommend to my clients - software vendors and end-users - that a professional, independent technology escrow agent be used when there is a need to plan for possible access to a vendor's source code by an end-user. InnovaSafe offers the services necessary to address this critical issue in a fair and cost-effective manner for both sides." - Eric S. F. IP Lawyer

"I always feel secure when I refer our clients and associates to InnovaSafe for their escrow needs. InnovaSafe is our "preferred" escrow company and I know I can rely on them. In our experience as professional negotiators, we find them far above the rest!" - Frank M., Commercial Lawyer

"We switched to InnovaSafe because we were not receiving the level of service we needed from our then-current technology escrow provider. InnovaSafe is extremely responsive to our needs and provides us with the benefits and service level we deserve and require from our technology escrow provider. Thanks, InnovaSafe!" - Gary F., Contracts Manager

"InnovaSafe was chosen as our Source Code Escrow Company, due to the prompt attention to information and questions that was provided to us and our customers, as well due to the efficiency with which they've responded to our deposits. They've made the entire process easily manageable!! - Mike G., CFO

"As a software development firm we have many business partner relationships, therefore I didn't expect that one of my favorites would be our software escrow company. InnovaSafe has been the most flexible and easy to work with organization that I've had to deal with. I have great respect for people and companies that make my life easier and InnovaSafe has my respect." -Terrance V., COO

"John provided us with a perfect solution to our escrow agreement needs and streamlined our process by handling all contract writing responsibilities and source code storage. By outsourcing our entire escrow process to him we know that our clients have a reliable source to go to if needed, and we can focus more on our core business. He's great to work with, always personable to talk too, and gives alot of value-added service with his good knowledge of the industry." -Paul C., CEO