InnovaSafe, Inc.

March 19, 2018

"SaaS Escrow", Software Escrow", "Source Code Escrow", "Security and Collateral Escrow", "Intellectual Property Escrow" and deposit material verification are just some of the services that InnovaSafe provides so our clients can mitigate the risks that are associated with the funding, licensing, use and inspection of mission critical technology and intellectual property. Our solutions allow all parties to protect themselves and at the same time comply with the legal requirements that accompany contractual obligations.

Disaster can strike at any time and without warning. You need to have a plan in place with a partner you can trust. Since 2001 our clients have been using InnovaSafe's cost effective risk managment solutions. Our solutions provide disaster insurance. For example, software users need protection when subscribing to mission critical SaaS applications or licensing mission critical software and lenders need protection when loaning money to software developers. As a trusted, independent and neutral third party, InnovaSafe provides solutions for these and many other disaster avoidance requirements that involve Intellectual Property.

We'll help you reduce risk when you use software to:

  • generate revenue
  • keep customers loyal
  • process transactions
  •

Our clients count on InnovaSafe to provide:

  • Creative ways to meet their specific requirements
  • Discreet customer service
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Top shelf client service
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