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Software Source Code Escrow Benefits and Services

InnovaSafe provides many software source code escrow solutions and benefits for software owners and software users of mission critical technology as well as their legal counsel.

Benefits of Software Source Code Escrow

Since our start in 2001 InnovaSafe has always provided the most software source code escrow benefits and services of any company in our industry.

For example, InnovaSafe provides the following for all our accounts:

  • Deposit notification for all product deposits
  • All product deposits are encrypted
  • Redundant storage for all product deposits 
  • End to end encryption for all product deposits


Trusted third party services: Risk management is a key element that is directly related to the creation and licensing of critical technology and intellectual property. As a trusted and neutral third party, InnovaSafe provides solutions to our clients to mitigate risk that is associated with the due diligence, contracting and litigation process.

InnovaSafe provides specific solutions that assist our clients with certain risk management issues that are associated with the use, licensing, funding and inspection of critical technology and intellectual property. InnovaSafe solutions allow our clients to comply with contractual requirements, funding requirements as well as legal obligations.

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Deposit Verification

Deposit verification services help assure our clients that rapid redeployment of a critical technology is possible.

Inspection of Critical Technology

Inspection and verification are essential.  Our cost effective services can be conducted securely without travel.

Disaster Recovery – Redundant Storage

All deposits are secured in multiple storage SOC audited locations to provide an added layer of protection.

Saas Escrow

SaaS applications require source and application code, data and configuration metadata to be deposited to avoid disaster.  Backups and a sane sync strategy are a must.