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Inspection and Verification of Mission Critical Applications

Why Inspection?

Inspection of source code and intellectual property is performed for many reasons and it needs to be performed in a secure and efficient manner.  InnovaSafe offers several solutions for our clients to audit and verify that critical technology or intellectual property can be rapidly re-deployed and used if ever released.

For example, a software user of mission critical technology needs to know that if a disaster strikes and the deposit materials are released the software source code escrow materials can be built and deployed in order to migrate to a new solution in a short period of time.  Additionally, during the mergers and acquisition or development and sale process a company may want to inspect source code during their due diligence period.

InnovaSafe provides secure, creative, and cost-effective solutions for inspection of source code and intellectual property as well as forensic discovery services.   

Requirement compliance is of the utmost importance to us and we work closely with our clients to make sure that our solution meets their demands.  

Full or complete verification is the only assurance that a party can actually “step into the shoes” of the software owner in the event of a release. There is no other reasonable way to protect investment in critical technology or intellectual property. Without a full verification, a party is placing its full trust in the software owner to make software source code escrow deposits that contain all the necessary “ingredients”. 

Is it worth taking a chance?


InnovaSafe is a veteran owned and operated byusiness proudly serving our clients with integrity since 2001


We will be there when you need us. You want a company that has the experience and has your back.


There is no need to pay more for the software source code escrow solutions that we provide. Our fees are the most reasonable in the industry from a Tier 1 vendor. We guarantee it.  


InnovaSafe undergoes regular and thorough examination by a third party firm of our internal control policies and practices. Learn More

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