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InnovaSafe is a Veteran Owned, SOC2 Type II Compliant business.

InnovaSafe provides software source code escrow solutions.  We also provide SaaS Escrow, technical verification, litigation support, and business continuity services.   We serve clients in all business sectors worldwide.

Businesses count on InnovaSafe to provide secure, confidential, stress-free, and cost-effective solutions.  As a result, our clients put the time and money they save to better use elsewhere in their businesses.  Why pay more for software escrow solutions?

With decades of industry experience, InnovaSafe provides highly regarded, and streamlined solutions not available from any other source.  Moreover, InnovaSafe tailors our solutions to meet each client’s specific requirements. Custom negotiations don’t scare us, because we get deals done on time and under budget.

In other words, we’ve been ready, willing, and able to provide quality service at a fair price from the first day we opened our doors in 2001.  Because of our can-do attitude, from day one, InnovaSafe has navigated uncharted waters to give our clients industry-first solutions.

Our business is not high profile, sexy or glamorous.  But it is a serious business that we take seriously.  We fly under the radar, but you cannot miss InnovaSafe because we will be there when you need us.

Above all, peace of mind equals a good night’s sleep.  Most importantly, at the end of the day, our clients are glad that we’re standing watch and on duty because InnovaSafe gets the job done.